Who is Alpės Capital

Alpės Capital is a multi-family office in Switzerland serving families with unbiased and independent advice to maintain and grow their wealth. Our objective is to generate an attractive risk-adjusted return with a strategy that exhibits lower volatility when compared to historical variations of global equities. 
Alpės Capital's diversified portfolios aim at below average correlation to traditional equities and bonds. Our flexibility aims to defend in down markets in order to outperform over the long term.
In addition to investing in traditional asset classes, our portfolio may include illiquid investments such as real estate club deals, investments into hedge funds, private equity and mezzanine financing.

Investment Process

Based on an overall view of the macro-economic environment we will contemplate all relevant asset classes in order to optimize risk adjusted returns. We will define a single global target asset allocation in line with the objectives set by the client, our macro-economic view and the assessment of each asset class.
We will modify the target asset allocation only in cases where there is a clear and significant change in facts and circumstances affecting the macro-economic picture or the attractiveness of each asset class. We will constantly look out for the best investment ideas and may delegate asset management tasks to professional mandataries provided that they can offer it at competitive fee levels.
The focus of our investments is clearly on long-term strategic investments. We may, however, dedicate a small part of our asset allocation to short-term tactical investments aiming at generating additional performance by investing timely in out-of-favor asset classes.